The Gralak Insurance Agency has been referring clients to Dayton Auto Rebuilders for 15 years with no regrets. The service and quality of repair is unmatched. We will continue to refer clients with confidence.
Ray Gralak
Gralak Insurance Agency
Just wanted to say “thank you” for the excellent body work on our truck. We could not be more satisfied with the results. We appreciate the fine work that you have done for the past 25 years. Jobs are always “top notch”, completed on time, and within the quoted budget. Your staff is always courteous, professional, and extremely helpful. Dayton is a quality company and a valued business partner. Again, thank you.
Ed Borkowski - President
Bedford Motor Service, Inc.
I dropped my car off at Dayton Auto Rebuilders to have the bumper replaced. The staff was very courteous and did an amazing job at communicating the timing for the repairs and costs. Everything was exactly how they said it would be when I returned to [pick up my car. I will definitely recommend Dayton Auto Rebuilders to anyone looking for a collision repair shop in the future! Thank you! Again, thank you.
Bill DeCarlo
I would really like to thank you for the attention to detail you took on my 07 Chevy Avalanche. I need to thank you for your assistance in dropping off and picking up my truck. And as expected, the work was top quality.
Jacques Terrault jr
I continue to come back to Dayton Auto Rebuilders for their friendly convenient service and for their great workmanship. The work that has been done on my car throughout the years has been all satisfactory. I have recommended this auto body shop to family and friends and have heard no complaints.
Jennifer Slaughter
“Winter is usually not a fun experience for us in the trucking industry. Poor visibility and icy roads prove to be a challenge a times for all drivers on the road, even the most experienced truck driver. And as sure as the sun rises each day over a frozen Chicago, Murphy’s Law sides with snowy weather to produce the unavoidable fender-bender or body damage. Whether if it’s a vehicle from our own fleet or another passenger car that we need to repair, we require a quick, professional and affordable fix. For years, Dayton has provided just that. Honest, family-owned and operated, and dependable….the salt of the earth. Time after time, we are comfortable when leaving a car with them, and extremely pleased after picking it up. Thank you, Glen!”
Mike Borkowski
Bedford Motor Service, Inc.
Bedford Park, IL
We have used Dayton Auto for years, our most recent experience was perfect, my father in law was involved in an accident, Glen and I had the car towed there and it was fixed on time with all the parts installed. Our whole family has brought the cars to Dayton for years with our experiences as good as our expectations.
Jerry Gianfrancisco
I have been a customer at Dayton for the past 12+ years. I started as a customer on a professional basis having some company owned vehicles repaired. I was satisfied with the workmanship and quality. This led to work on my personal vehicles and recommendations to friends and co-workers. I have always been treated with respect and courtesy by the staff at Dayton. My expectations have always been met or exceeded. I trust my vehicle repair to the folks at Dayton.
Keith Stevens
Thank you not only for the beautiful work you did on my car, but my overall experience with your shop. My recent experience with Dayton has been like all my past, over the top! Each and every time I come through your doors I know I will be treated like family. You have always been fair, quick and given me fist class service and treatment. Not only am I happy with the service but the work is always exceptional. There is no other body shop like Dayton. Thank you again for making this experience the same as my past experiences…exquisite!
Sincerely a very satisfied customer,
Kelly Blong, IL
Happy New Year!!!! Ten days ago when I drove to your shop to pick up my 2010 Infiniti, –I fully intended to pick the car up and within a few days trade it in for a new one. I had been involved in a serious accident and the car was ”banged up” pretty good. I couldn’t imagine that my car with nearly $12,000 in damages would look or drive the same. Boy was I wrong!!! When I looked at the car that evening, I couldn’t believe how perfect it looked,–as if nothing ever happened!! Little did I know that the best was yet to come. The morning after I picked the car up, I drove it from Chicago to my hometown,-St. Louis, Missouri to be with my family for the holidays. The ride was incredible (just like normal)!! I was so happy!!! When I arrived in St. Louis, my extended family scrutinized the car and tried to find “flaws”,—there were none (LOL!). We were all so impressed! Thank you for making my holidays brighter! Because of you, I can keep my car and drive it again with confidence and pride!!!!
You guys are AWESOME!!!
Gratefully Yours,
Lori McClenton
I want to thank you for the professional service we consistently receive in the repair of the vehicles that we refer to your shop for repair. These vehicles belong to our employees and customers and they have all expressed to us that they are pleased with the results and how smooth and seamless the repair process goes. Keep up the good work and we will continue to refer business to you.
Thanks Again,
John Borkowski - Vice President
Bedford Motor Service

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