Dave Amato opened Dayton Towing, combining a body shop & towing facility, in 1973. Dave AmatoHe branched off the body shop over 20 years ago, changed the name to Dayton Auto Rebuilders and moved to the current location. Dave expanded the body shop and grew the business into the success it is today.

In December 2002, Dave was diagnosed with a rare lung disease. By 2004, unable to walk or breathe well, Dave underwent a living lobar lung transplant, thanks to two living donors who saved his life.

Dave returned home after 40 days in the hospital with his wife, Anne, by his side. He learned to walk again and was able to live a somewhat normal life. He overcame many obstacles, but in 2008, doctors discovered Dave had head and neck cancer which had metastasized to his lungs. In October of 2008, Dave passed away with his wife & family by his side.

He was an inspiration to so many people and touch so many lives in a positive way.